He remains a staunch advocate of the mission and vision of accredited and reputable zoological facilities, which aim to educate, preserve conservation sensitive-species, and conduct applied welfare science with intentions of optimizing the quality of life for  animals in captive settings and for populations in need of intensive management in the wild.

In 2017, he revitalized ‘Zoo Peeps’, which was originally launched as a professional networking site to foster professional communication among a global demographic of husbandry and health practitioners serving the interests of wildlife in human care.

Revitalized as a ‘career brandiing‘ resource for wildlife professionals caring for animals in zoos and aquariums, ‘Zoo Peeps’ helps these animal husbandry and healthcare providers better clarify the role of zoos and aquariums and raise awareness for much of their behind–the scenes contributions as stewards of nature.
The career branding site is a conservation marketing resource for zoo campus and field based biologists committed to protecting and safeguarding wildlife everywhere.

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