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“You Can’t Get More Authentic Than Us”

“I’m frequently contacted on social media networks by proprietors and/or representatives from the nature/eco-touring industry. The vast majority are outfitters operating in Southern and East African nations. Typically, they offer traditional and conventional nature viewing from the safety of guided touring vehicles in and around protected and unprotected wildlife reserves. Guests seek customized luxury trips and more rustic cost-sensitive adventures and are almost guaranteed to see some wildlife in the most amazing context—the African veldt.
These safari -type excursions couldn’t be more popular among destinations, but back in the mid 90’s, I learned about both the beneficial and detrimental impact this form of tourism can have on nature and the economy.

Having recently served with a great group of fellow directors on a BOD of a Southern African non-profit affiliated with a nature tourism company, I have some insight and comparison across nations, cultures and recreational travel experiences. With an affiliated bush camp in the Nsefu Sector (South Luanga National Park, Zambia), I’m more current on issues of travel corporation responsibility and the concerns (e.g. safe and responsible travel, capacity building, anti-poaching) than I would be otherwise.
So, I’m hitting the ground running with this expert team of Tanzanian nationalists at Viber-Adventure-Tours and Safaris. The collective group of guides, naturalists and travel business entrepreneurs are poised to offer you a trip of a lifetime for the benefit of the the flora and fauna of the breath-taking and diversity of landscapes of East Africa. Although most people visit Tanzanian for rich assemblages of flora  and fauna, including celebrated and iconic, but also imperiled wildlife, we make sure you won’t forget about the local people–the most critical cohort to the future of Tanzania.
I’m eager to assist in the development of responsible programs and make sure that we adhere to the 
mission, given the  intense competition that exists among competing companies for Western patrons.  First and foremost, Viber-Tours reviews its practices of ‘Eco-Sustainable’ & “Socially Responsible Nature Travel” –Dr. Jordan Schaul
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“‘Viber Tours – Adventures‘ offers services at the Crossroads between Luxurious & more Rustic, while carefully examining its own recreational practices.
If You Are Interested in Corporate Partnerships or VIP Programs, Please Contact Maglan or Jordan…

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(Founding CEO & Corporate Managing Director)

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 8.38.26 PMscreen-shot-2017-03-05-at-8-04-43-pmJordan Schaul
(Corporate Director for Conservation Science & Responsible Strategic Partnerships)
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We are building a celebrity/celebrity influencer coalition to help promote sound and sustainable conservation initiations of Viber Adventure Tours in Tanzania . Our hope as a commercial entity is that we can contribute more to the protection and the preservation of the amazing flora and fauna representing  Tanzania’s natural heritage if we build strong community-based partnerships.  At the same time, we are cognizant of the pressure placed on heavily visited habitats that exist on increasingly human-populated landscapes.
Therefore, we hope to foster an appreciation for and a need to minimize human disturbance in protected and unprotected areas as much as possible.  We can’t insist that you participate as a guest in our programs we hope you will take advantage of opportunities we offer to meet with our in-range country staff, our friends and families and other locally born and raised people. We feel that although a grassroots effort, engendering goodwill and relationships between guests and local people is key to saving wildlife species.

Immersing one’s self in a culture can not, in one day, prepare guests as away to share the plight of indigenous. So we go out of our way to make cultural experiences emsheshed with wildlife viewing.
The social and cultural benefits to this kind of “East Meets West” are unlimited. We don’t promote cultural exposure as a tourist attraction to check off.  The tribal populations and their decedents in Tanzania are vital to saving wildlife 
If this campaign is of interest please contact me at” –Jordan Schaul
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