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 “Miss Shaffy is a homegrown influencer. Born and bred right here in Beverly Hills, the fitness model was born into her craft. The Miss USA/Miss Universe contestant has credits in national and international health and fitness publications.

While her social media pages rock, shock and awe with nothin’ but pics, when she has time to post for followers and of course many of whom are male fans from overseas. But here in Hollywood, she’s a socialite, if not a social dignitary among among the elite. Shaffy knows and is known by the most influential and affluent movers and shakers in LA, but when once asked about being star herself she teased, “Are you kidding, I’m star struck”in Hollywood. Imagine that!!

Perhaps more notably, she is a consummate contradiction. The daring and dazzling down- to- earth diva, when not in the gym ,can be seen around town dressed in what has been described as one fashion and image consultant said, “divine couture”.

 Miss Shaffy launched her career as a, lifestyle coach and fitness trainer for Hollywood’s A-listers including iconic feature film producer Jon Peters, renowned “celebrity” attorney Robert Shapiro and Elliot Mintz\
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