screen-shot-2016-09-26-at-5-20-52-pmDr. Schaul was tentatively and erroneously diagnosed with “Savant Syndrome” after discovering at age 40 that he was on the Autism Spectrum. Since then, he has become a staunch advocate for people with “hidden disabilities”.

Known for his dry wit and signature “one-liners” filled with sarcastic self-deprecation, the zoologist concedes that since his  diagnosis he has been flattered by the notion of being recognized as an “Idiot Savant”. The moniker may be entirely inappropriate as he contends that he is neither challenged enough intellectually nor gifted enough intellectually to really be deserving of such  “complimentary” praise.

Dr. Schaul is an exotic and companion animal trainer, armed with perhaps, as he describes, “an esoteric and largely anti-pragmatic PhD.” Yes, he holds a doctorate in zoology. He is also a veterinary school dropout, having found the rigorous study of clinical medicine to be as “trite as it was torturous” following pursuit of a terminal research degree.

Jordan has confessed that when he was on contract with the National Geographic Society for the purpose of writing nature and science articles for their editorial news publication, he quickly discovered what some consider an unbecoming talent.

Dr. Schaul had realized a penchant for writing about public figures, along with some lighthearted celebrity gossip, and contemplated whether or not he was better suited to write for People Magazine?!

The scientist turned animal trainer, turned photojournalist, turned gossip columnist says he is fascinated with people as much as he is with animals.

Although, Dr. Schaul says he certainly respects the acclaim of scholars and global influencers like Dr. Temple Grandin, he says
“more mainstream celebrity influencers also need to share their stories because their life narratives are what resonate most with the general public on a daily basis.”

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